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Flexibility and versatility is something we always strive for in our products and perhaps that is precisely why our canopies are so popular. A Tentipi canopy can be set up quickly and easily as a protection over the door but can also be used as a freestanding roof or as a shelter.


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    Canopy 5/7 Pro cp
    Quality grade
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    Pack width (cm)
    Covered area (m²)
    Socialising sitting down, spaciously
    Hiking tent style, sleeping
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    TTFabrics 0005 90203 CotpolmexPro


    Cotpolmex Pro


    Approximately 285 g/m²

    Very strong and well-ventilating cotton/polyester fabric gives an indoor climate far superior to that of a tent made of any kind of coated fabric. The beige-brown colour creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere in the Nordic tipi. The fabric is denser and more resistant to sunlight and retains more strength and colour fastness than all corresponding fabrics tested. It has also better form stability and water repellency properties. With its high-class attributes, attractive appearance and natural feel, this is, as far as we know, the world’s best cotton/polyester outer tent fabric. Mildew prevention.

    Designed for flexability

    A five square metre canopy, made of strong and water-repellent cotton/polyester fabric. Comes with one telescopic pole and can be used mounted onto the Nordic tipi, as a freestanding roof or as a shelter large enough to sleep in. For use as a freestanding roof, an additional telescopic pole is needed (sold separately).

    Mounted onto the Nordic tipi

    With a canopy on the Nordic tipi you get sun and rain protection over the entrance and a shady, sheltered social area outside the tent. The canopy attaches quickly and securely to the accessory sleeve on the Nordic tipi. Canopy 5/7 is mounted with one telescopic pole (included).


    The canopy can be used without a tent, as a shelter if you need a simple but functional protection for the wind, with low weight. When the canopy is mounted as a shelter, only one telescopic pole (included) is used.

    Freestanding canopy

    The canopy can also be mounted as a freestanding roof. Canopy 5/7 is delivered with one telescopic pole, an additional pole (sold separately) is needed to mount it freestanding.

    Accessory connector

    As of 2012, all Safir and Zirkon Nordic tipis of sizes 5–9 have a patented accessory sleeve placed over the door, an integrated holder for accessories such as porch or canopy. There is a separate accessory connector ­available for earlier models, for Onyx and for tent size 15.

    Find the right accessory connector for your Nordic tipi

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