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Olivin 2 cp is the perfect tent for bushcrafting, alone or with a dog. The tent can accommodate two people.
The cotton/polyester material is breathable. An inner tent can be used for extra insect protection when needed. There is also a half inner tent available. Use a micro stove or a small open fire inside the tent for warmth and cooking.

Olivin 2 cp includes:

  • Ventilator cap with a small chimney opening
  • Door with net
  • Mosquito-net ceiling
  • Central pole
  • Storm cords
  • Storm cord holders
  • Integrated accessory sleeve for Rain roof
  • Measuring tape
  • Packing bag
  • Lightweight tent pegs

Functions & specifications

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  • Name
    Olivin 2 cp
    Quality grade
    Weight (kg)
    Weight incl. inner tent (kg)
    Weight per person incl. inner tent (kg)
    Diameter floor area (m)
    Diameter mounting area (m)
    Height (m)
    Pack length (cm)
    Pack width (cm)
    Number of people, sitting down
    Hiking tent style, sleeping
    Comfortable living, sleeping
    Article number
    TTFabrics 0014 90203B CotpolmexComfort


    Cotpolmex Comfort


    Approximately 275 g/m²

    Strong and well-ventilating cotton/polyester fabric which gives an indoor climate far superior to that of a tent made of any kind of coated fabric. The fabric has a natural feel, and its beige-brown colour creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere in the Nordic tipi. Fades rapidly in the sun but without losing strength. Mildew prevention.

    The Olivin family

    Escape from everything – except comfort

    Olivin 2 is big enough for two people to sleep or four people to sit and socialise and has enough space for storing equipment. Lightweight model at only 1.9 kilograms makes it the perfect hiking tent. The heavier cotton/polyester model is loved by bushcrafters because of the possibility of having a fire inside the tent and the earthy look of the fabric.
    Our In-Tent VentTM ventilation system together with the tent’s tall shape provide natural ventilation on hot days. The lower part of the walls can be rolled up and fastened for optimal ventilation (one option for cp, five for light). The shape of the tent makes it very storm-resistant.

    Accessory – Inner tent and half inner tent

    An inner tent is included with Olivin 2 Combi light but can be bought as an accessory for Olivin 2 cp and Olivin 2 light. A half inner tent is also available as an accessory. With an inner tent, you have more reliable protection against insects. The sturdy floor withstands ground dampness and therefore condensation is reduced too. An inner tent can also be used separately, for example, when insect protection is the main priority.

    Accessory – Floor

    The floor is designed to make it possible to remove or fold away the part nearest the door to avoid having dirty shoes or crumbs on the tent floor. It fits both Olivin cp and light and is made of a carefully chosen material that withstands ground dampness.

    Accessory – Rain roof

    The rain roof provides rain protection and shade in front of the entrance. It is attached to Olivin’s accessory sleeve.

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