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Get rid of damp and cold, create a warm, cosy atmosphere, dry clothes, cook food and enjoy your home comforts with an Eldfell stove in the Nordic tipi. Tentipi Adventure tents are designed to allow the use of an open fire or stove making them a home from home in all weather conditions. Be sure you are fully competent to deal with the risks involved, before striking that match. Follow the instructions and fire safety advice that come with your tent.
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    Eldfell stove
    Eldfell stove
    Eldfell stove
    40137 EldfellExtensionPipe
    2x40137 EldfellExtensionPipes
    3x40137 EldfellExtensionPipes
    5x40137 EldfellExtensionPipe
    Hekla7 frilagd
    Hekla30 frilagd
    Chassie Grey Hekla 30 WoG v2
    40035 HeklaBBQGrate30
    43501 Feuertopf4 5 DutchOven 3
    43504 transport bag for dutch oven ft4.5
    43505 transport bag for dutch oven ft6 and9
    43506 Transporttaschef rFeuertopf 12
    43507 Sandwich iron
    43508 Waffle iron
    43509 cooking stand
    43510 wrought iron pan sp20
    43511 wrought iron pan sp28
    43512 PetromaxTeakettle 1 5
    43513 teakettle tk2 3liter
    43514 Petromax cooking tripod
    40596 spatula
    40603 Barbeque tongs
    VolcanoMutliFuel packed
    Volcano Chimney Kit