Authentic Nordic tipis used by event professionals, hospitality groups and glamping venues all over the world.
Our event tents are the cornerstone of the global Nordic tipi industry with their unique atmosphere, rustic materials and original look. Spaces for good times that make lasting impressions.
Three styles, five sizes and with a seating capacity ranging from 10 to 1000+.
Crafted using the finest material available. Swedish design and innovation since 1989.

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Why Tentipi Event tents?

  1. Swedish design and innovation since 1989
  2. Link together several Nordic tipis for next to infinite space and combine with accessories such as walls or windows for expanding the room.
  3. We have shipped thousands of Event tents across the globe for more than three decades. We’re confident to say they’ve been thoroughly tested.
  4. Using only the best materials we can find on the market. And when we don’t find them, we develop them together with our suppliers.
  5. We lab-test our timber to measure its various characteristics and feed these figures into our structural calculations. The species of timber and the location in which it is grown, are vital to its strength.
  6. Detailed calculations made by structural engineers allow us to confidently assess the safe conditions in which our Nordic tipis can be used, and helps our customers to obtain permits and approval from regulatory authorities.
  7. Customers have access to detailed step-by-step installation and safety instructions, all the latest documents, tools, photos, and videos to help keep them at the forefront of all things Nordic tipi.

Defined by details


  • Here you can see all of our outstanding features and patents that defines a perfect Nordic tipi.



  • Best canvas on the market

    With decades of experience, rigorous tests, and continuous development together with our suppliers, we offer you the best materials on the market – no matter where on the planet you operate.


    TTFabrics 0002 90200 CotpolhexComfort


    440 g/m² Approximately

    Our classic cotton polyester canvas tried and tested for decades. Strong, breathable, water repellent and smooth even in cold weather. Great option when flame-retardancy is not required.
    TTFabrics 0082 90205 EvhexProFR

    Evhex FR/C

    480 g/m² Approximately

    Flame-retardant fabric made from synthetic fibres. The flame-retardancy is built into the fibres. Waterproofed by coating. Smooth in temperatures above freezing. Durable and long-lasting with excellent UV-protection. Meets the flame retardancy standards of most countries.
    TTFabrics 0085 90207 EvhexProFRC

    Evhex FR/CFR

    500 g/m² Approximately

    Flame-retardant and waterproof fabric made from synthetic fibres. The flame-retardancy is built into the fibres and also into the coating. Smooth in temperatures above freezing. Durable and long-lasting with excellent UV-protection. For countries with special flame retardancy standards.
    TTFabrics 0102 90210 ReinfohexPro


    220 g/m² Approximately

    Reinforcement fabric in moss green with higher resistance against pointy rocks, gravel, moisture and rot, compared to the tent’s main fabric. Used on the part of the canvas that touches ground – where most wear occur.
    We help you choose which canvas is right for you.

    Lab-tested Swedish timber

    Here in our “backyard” we find the best species of timber for our poles. The cold climate and the specific location where it’s grown create the most apt timber for Nordic tipis we’ve found on the market. No chemicals needed and the production is small-scale.

    More on how our timber makes outstanding tents

    Create business with Tentipi

    Expand your existing business or kick off a new career using Tentipi® Nordic tipis. Our customers are tent rentals, restaurants and bars, landowners, outdoor activity companies, glamping venues, schools – all kinds of forward-thinking individuals and organisations.

    We help you create space for good times.

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    WallFlex is a modular system of canvas or clear wall panels and wooden doors that can be combined in dozens of different ways to provide weather protection, add extra space and daylight. Re-using the same components in different ways, WallFlex is versatile, easy to build and maximises return on investment.


    Link together several Nordic tipis for next to infinite space. Whether linking Stratus or Cirrus in simple or complex configurations, the LinkFlex system uses identical components – linking poles, covering canvases and straps. It means you maximise the return on your investment because you don't need to purchase different equipment for different types of link. It makes storage, packing and training easier, and reduces the risk of getting to site with the wrong equipment.


    Our customers operate in all possible climates, in every corner of the world. A safe, reliable and beautiful solution is what they require.
    Our safety work


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    The birth of the linking of Stratus 72
    Sapmi Nature Camp – Sami culture and glamping in the arctic
    How a Sami-booth at a trade fair revolutionized the event tent rental business
    Festival at the top of the world

    So much more than a tent

    • The original from Swedish Lapland, premium Nordic tipis since 1989.
    • Crafting long-lasting, repairable products – no wear and tear.
    • Has several patents and design rights for our original design.
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