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Link together several Nordic tipis for next to infinite space. Whether linking Stratus or Cirrus in simple or complex configurations, the LinkFlex system uses identical components – linking poles, covering canvases and straps.

It means you maximise the return on your investment because you don't need to purchase different equipment for different types of link. It makes storage, packing and training easier, and reduces the risk of getting to site with the wrong equipment.

LinkFlex™ includes:

  • Linking poles
  • Covering canvases
  • Straps
  • You need one Linking kit less than the number of tents. For example, three Stratus tents require two Linking kits.
  • It’s possible to widen the link between two Stratus tents to seat up to 32 more people.
  • The cost of a Linking kit can be less depending on requirements. For more information, talk to an expert.

LinkFlex floorplans

A few examples of limitless configurations

  1. Rectangle tables – seating 144
  2. Rectangle tables – seating 81
  3. Round tables – seating 79
  4. Rectangle tables – seating 152
  5. Seating up to 420
  6. Seating up to 280
  7. Seating up to 280


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