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Timeless and companionable, for up to 22 people seated on reindeer skins or 16 on benches.
Granit 14 is the rugged Classic Nordic tipi for families and groups of up to 22. Use it in all seasons, enjoy being different, relax and eat round a log fire in comfort.
Granit 14 can be assembled in 15 minutes by one man. You do not need a ladder or special equipment.

Granit 14 includes:

  • Canvas
  • Pole set
  • Stakes
  • Packing bag


  • Name
    Granit 14
    Diameter (m)
    Height (m)
    Weight (kg)

    The Granit family

    Tourism companies favour them for trip stops and warm shelters. Business and community leaders like them for festivals and private functions in their own grounds. Classic Nordic tipis are versatile and eyecatching, too – they make great advertising.
    These Classic Nordic tipis are ideal for festivals, club functions, private garden parties, barbecues, or business events, sporting occasions and tourist centres. Relive the outdoor lifestyle in an authentic nomadic setting.
    You can use our Classic Nordic tipis all year round – but you should always remove snow from around them.
    Poles — these are timber poles of world-beating quality. They are immensely strong, yet very manageable during erection. This is because they are made from the best possible material — extremely late-maturing, de-barked spruce that is lighter than pine. The annual rings are often so tight they almost touch. Consequently, the poles not only have huge load-bearing strength, this density also makes them highly durable and rot-resistant.
    TTFabrics 0108 90252 EvhexBaseFR


    Comhex FR/P

    Approximately 450 g/m²

    Flame retardant and breathable cotton polyester fabric. Waterproofed by padding. Durable and long-lasting with excellent UV-protection.


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