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The Stratus 72 is the cornerstone of the Nordic tipi event industry, used by rental, hospitality and glamping businesses and educational organisations, for events and gatherings all over the world.


The Cirrus tipis are a versatile range of Nordic tipis used by a wide variety of hospitality businesses, glamping venues, educational groups and private customers.


Nimbus is the smallest tent in our Nordic tipi Event range. It's a simple, versatile and distinctive canopy. It is perfect for a gazebo for a bar or barbecue, as a trade stand, an outside stage cover or for private gardens.


Safir is used and loved by professionals in the most extreme conditions. It’s perfect for family hikes, modern glamping or roadtrips. It’s everything – all in one.

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Zirkon is a mobile home for people who want to invest in outdoor living and experience a new dimension of comfort and possibilities.

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Safirflex is a highly versatile tent which is perfect when you want both a windproof shelter and the possibility of opening the tent and having direct contact with nature.

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The walls can be raised in different ways which means the Zirkonflex are extra spacious, flexible and easy-to-use communal tents with optimal protection in all kind of weathers.


Olivin 2 is big enough for two people to sleep or four people to sit and socialise and has enough space for storing equipment.


Intended for less ambitious purposes or when low weight is a priority, yet it has been used by mountaineers operating in the Pamir mountains next to the Himalayas.


Tentipi® Heritage collection – timeless Nordic tipis in classic Sami style that are based on the traditional construction of the Sami kåta but are made of modern materials.


Aurum 33 is a robust glamping tent with unparalleled design, weather-proofing and enviable longevity. A luxurious room for close-to-nature living.