Tents for both family camping and extreme expeditions, a space for good times in all weathers.
The shape makes them very resistant to weather and wind, providing standing height and possibility of fire inside for heating and cooking.
Pitched in only a few minutes and easy to pack down and carry.
Modern materials, plenty of space for socialising and smart features make them your home in your backpack. In breathable robust cotton polyester fabric or lightweight materials when weight matters.

Why Tentipi Adventure tents

  1. Measure out eight pegs in a circle, attach the tent canvas and then raise the central pole. With our pitching tools you can’t go wrong.
  2. Our Nordic tipis’ unique design enables fire-making for warmth, cosiness and increased safety when winter camping.
  3. Nordic tipis are designed like a chimney, where fresh air enters at ground level, smoke and hot air exits in the top. All openings are mosquito-net fitted for keeping insects out.
  4. The symmetrical shape and low centre of gravity make our Nordic tipis more secure in high and gusty winds than most other tent designs.
  5. Plenty of room for friends and family to socialise around the fire. You can get dressed without crawling on your knees.
  6. Offering complementing products such as floor, inner tent, canopies and other accessories separately, rather than having them built into the tent, allow you to combine products according to your needs.

Defined by details


  • Here you can see all of our outstanding features and patents that defines a perfect Nordic tipi.


    How to choose size

    We base our tent sizes on the maximum number of people who can sleep in the tent, hiking style. Choose a larger tent to experience the true comfort of our Nordic tipis. We call it “comfortable living”.

    Comfortable living

    To get more space for socialising and camping equipment inside the tent, the comfortable sleeping number is less than the number in the product name.

    Hiking tent sleeping

    The tent size number is based on how many people that can sleep in the tent according to a normal hiking tent. You can fit one more than the number says.


    In a Nordic tipi you have space for socialising and plenty of headroom. Double the tent size number for the approximate amount that can sit down and socialise in the tent.


  • Three quality grades

    Most Tentipi Adventure products are available in three different quality grades – Pro, Comfort, Base – to suit a variety of needs. All our products are made for demanding adventures in all kinds of conditions. Pro has the most features and the highest quality of material. Comfort is medium grade in all aspects. Base is a high-end product, but in our world basic in features and material.


    Top quality material and our most advanced features. Designed to meet the high demands for adventures in extreme conditions.


    High-quality materials, equipped with smart features. Comfort products are designed for intermediate use, features are similar to Pro level products but with slightly less versatility.


    Good standard materials. Fewer features than Pro and Comfort but still a very strong product with good functionality. Basic in our world, used and trusted by professionals, nonetheless.


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    Why does everybody who loves the outdoor life live indoor?

    Tentipi Nordic tipi vs dome/tunnel tents

  • Tentipi tents

    Because it is symmetrical, the load on the tent does not change when the wind changes. Most of the tent area that’s under wind pressure is near the ground, where the wind speed is lower. Only a small, slim area projects higher than other tents.

    Dome/Tunnel tents

    When the wind hits the short end, the area under pressure is very small. But, when the wind changes direction and hits the long side, the pressure on the tent increases considerably.

    So much more than a tent

    • The original from Swedish Lapland, premium Nordic tipis since 1989.
    • Crafting long-lasting, repairable products – no wear and tear.
    • Has several patents and design rights for our original design.
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    Adventure accessories

    Eldfell stove
    Floor Pro U opening
    Porch cp closed prod
    Porch cp closed prod
    Floor Pro U opening
    Eldfell stove
    Floor Pro U opening
    Eldfell stove
    Central pole light disc prod
    Porch cp closed prod