Why Nordic tipis

The most effective way to build a shelter in the wild is to lean wooden poles against each other, shaping a cone making it the home from home built for every weather condition, creating space for good times anywhere in the world.

More than a tent

  1. Starting with a basic sewing machine and with big intentions, founder Bengt Grahn created the Nordic tipi industry. Driven by passion, authenticity and innovation Tentipi continues to create products, used and loved by people around the globe.
  2. By yourself in the wild or at a wedding with your loved ones, Tentipi Nordic tipis have space for great experiences. Reliable and functional tents with ambiance and character.
  3. We use the best fabrics we can find on the market, lab-test materials and products routinely and design our tents so that they are easily repaired. For the benefit of our customers and the environment we want our tents to last as long as they possibly can.
  4. Canvases sewn in one piece to avoid leakage, patented system for outstanding ventilation, reinforced seams and fabrics where strain and wear occur. Or, in the words of our founder Bengt Grahn: “when you’re out there in the cold wind and rain, details matter.”
  5. Our philosophy is to make products that can be combined with each other, such as floors, other tents, canopies, PVC walls and other accessories, tailoring the functionality of the tents to your needs. This modular and flexible approach of design and innovation creates highly versatile products.
  6. Being in business for many years, we’ve gathered lots of knowledge about everything from making a fire that doesn’t smoke to how to run a successful tent rental business. Our support team is ready to help you with anything Nordic tipis.

From the north of Scandinavia

We design, craft, and test our tents here in Sweden. The harsh climate, the pristine wilderness that surround us, the quiet and warm-hearted people we meet in our everyday lives – that’s our source of inspiration.
We believe that a tent that can endure here in the Arctic will work in any part of the world. And our customers prove us right. Tentipi tents are used as base camp at 5,300 metres, host massive beach parties in Mauritius, give shelter in the Atacama Desert and keep people dry by the rainy coast of Wales.


Portable tents for family camping and extreme expeditions. Offering ample space for socialising around a fire, plenty of headroom and outstanding ventilation. Characteristic, beautiful, and versatile. Easy to pitch in just a few minutes.



Giant Nordic tipis for events, hospitality, outdoor education, and weddings. Unique, spacious and flexible, creating an exciting setting and a great ambiance for inspiring events. Linkable for making as much space as you need.



High-end, elegant tents for glamorous camping with an airy and authentic atmosphere. Crafted using the finest material avilable.