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WallFlex is a modular system of canvas or clear wall panels and wooden doors that can be combined in dozens of different ways to provide weather protection, add extra space and daylight.
Re-using the same components in different ways, WallFlex is versatile, easy to build and maximises return on investment.

WallFlex™ includes:

  • Wall panels
  • Poles
  • Hardware

Combine to suit your needs

Because we’ve designed for flexibility, many combinations of wall panels, doors, infill panels and midfill panels can be created, using the same equipment in different ways.


This arrangement offers 28 per cent more usable floor space compared with an “all sides down” Stratus.
Examples of use:
  • a bar, with easy access for staff to “back of house”through the zippered door
  • a stage with plenty of room for artists and PA
  • more seating
  • an area for socialising
  • an informal entrance – just open the two zips in the wall panel, roll up the central section and strap it into place with the two straps provided.

360° Circular extension

Nine wall panels form an extension that offers 105 per cent more usable floor space compared with an “all sides down” Stratus and better wind resistance compared with a Stratus with raised brim but without the WallFlex™ system.

Panoramic wall

Combine a midfill window panel with a pair of infill panels (and the relevant poles) to cover the front between two linked Stratus Nordic tipis. Build with the midfill panel in place a few days before the event. The customer can then remove it prior to the event, if so desired.

Wooden doors

The double wooden doors fit into the opened central section of a wall panel. There are no additional pieces of canvas or poles to purchase. These smart doors are easily fitted by strapping and staking them into place. We do not sell the doors but can provide the drawings for free.

The WallFlex system

WallFlex – all panels are available in canvas and clear PVC



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