Structural calculations

We commissioned a firm of structural engineers, with specific experience of fabric structures, to calculate and produce a full set of engineered calculations. They underpin our Stratus and Cirrus tents, covering every approved link, and every combination of sides up and sides down, with TipiStarTM fitted and without. The calculations consider the specific components of our Nordic tipis and use the results of laboratory testing of our timber, fabrics and sewing techniques. These incredibly detailed calculations allow us to confidently assess the safe conditions in which our Nordic tipis can be used and helps our customers to obtain permits and approval from regulatory authorities.

Nordic timber

Our poles come from a specific species of spruce from northern Sweden. Growing in certain locations where it matures slowly results in dense growth rings, which makes the poles light, durable, and strong. Laboratory testing our timber to destruction gives us test results that play a crucial role in determining the wind loading of our tents.

Outstanding canvas

We chose the best fabrics we can find on the market. All materials coming into our factories are subjected to numerous standardised tests to ensure they comply with all expected specifications.

Safety manual

Our detailed Safety Manual includes wind loadings for every configuration of single and linked Nordic tipis, pull out forces for every stake position, ballast requirements for every stake and pole position and a whole lot more.

If you have any questions about safety and our Nordic tipis please get in touch.

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