The Scandinavian taiga. The largest ecoregion of Europe, an enormous wilderness of pine and spruce. This is our home, the forestland.
Life is special here. Trees are special here.

Slow-growing and exceptionally strong

We source our Event tent poles from sustainable forests in Northern Sweden. The spruce that’s found here grows slower than the likes in other parts of the world. The long and cold winters and the meagre soil are some of the many factors that cause this. Our trees come from dense populations where they grow tall but thin and has a high density of annual rings. A tree that’s only ten centimetres thick and ten metres tall can be over a hundred years old. They have a special fibre structure and few and thin branches, making them extremely strong, flexible and relatively light. Our spruce also has a natural resistance to rot and doesn’t need any added chemicals. In other words, the perfect raw material for tent poles. And we know exactly where to find spruce that has these properties.