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Mesh inner tent 9 Base

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Mesh inner tent 9 Base can be used with all our tent models in size 9. It features a curved zip, three air intakes and an integrated Floor Base without a zip. The walls are made of mesh material. It is not possible to use a stove or open fire in a mesh inner tent.
Our inner tents, half inner tent and mesh inner tents are available in different grades. Our Nordic tipis have been designed to function well even without an inner tent, although an inner tent does provide several advantages. Such as even more reliable protection against mosquitos and other insects as well as less condensation and better distribution of heat.
There is a closable insect net over the smoke opening on all grades and models. The number of ground level mosquito-netted air in-takes in the different types of inner tents varies. Inner tent Base has no air intakes other than the mosquito-netted door which is a standard feature on all inner tent models.

Mesh inner tent Base

Our Mesh inner tent gives optimal insect protection and is also more airy than our ordinary inner tents. Especially good together with a Nordic tipi of cotton/polyester where condensation is ventilated out through the tent fabric. The walls are made of mesh. Curved zip, three openings in order to adjust the tent’s air intakes, and a sewn-in floor of Base grade quality, without any zips. It is not possible to have a stove or an open fire inside Mesh inner tent.


  • Name
    Mesh inner tent 9 Base
    Quality grade
    Weight (kg)
    Pack length (cm)
    Pack width (cm)
    Article number
    TTFabrics 0080 90230 InsectNetPolyamide


    Meshlix Comfort

    Approximately 110 g/m²

    Mosquito net.

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