Canvas – built to last

We want our tents to last as long as they possibly can, for the benefit of both our customers and the environment. To achieve this, we apply a long-term perspective to the production of our canvases by investing in high-quality, durable materials and smart, timeless design that increases the life span of the product.
Everything can break, a canvas will wear and tear after frequent use, accidents happen. Nothing last forever, but a good product can be repaired. We design our tents in triangular sections so that a damaged part can be exchanged with a new, rather than throwing away the whole tent when patching is no longer an option. That way we minimize the spill material. We offer repair kits for the small damages, and we have professional repair centres for the bigger jobs.
All of our Event tent poles are sourced from sustainable forests in Northern Sweden, which are carefully managed by the Swedish Forest Board. The timber for our smaller event tents is a by-product of ongoing forest management, where smaller trees are felled to provide space for bigger trees to grow. When our larger poles are harvested, the forests are replanted and the cycle continues.

Hemp – a love story

It’s one of nature’s strongest fibres, it has much lower carbon footprint than conventionally grown cotton, and it’s strong. And it’s been on our radar for a long, long time. Hemp is the hero ingredient in Safir eco, coupled with recycled polyester and organic cotton, creating a high-performing canvas for our most advanced camping tent.
Judging from the look of our CEO’s eyes when pitching the Safir eco, we can confidently say that we’ll see more Tentipi products made from hemp in the future.


Sea and land-based transportation of our products is always the first choice for our distribution. The use of air freight is only used as a last resort on very rare occasions.