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Safir 7 eco is a lovely camping tent for four people or up to eight friends who want to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. The light, unbleached and uncoloured canvas makes the Nordic tipi pleasantly airy. Our customers say that the indoor climate is cooler when it's hot outside compared to a comparable tent.
The eco-friendly material made of organic cotton, recycled polyester and hemp fibres reduces the carbon footprint. The material breathes and an inner tent is not necessary. Cook, warm yourself and socialize in the comfort around a stove or an open fire in the centre of the tent.

Safir eco is a tent for people who love and care for nature, constructed with clever design details and made from premium ecological fabric blend of hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester. It is a tent you can rely on in the toughest of climates, in storm-force gales or blazing heat. From ice fields to glaciers.
Perfect for extreme expeditions, challenging trekking and a multitude of other outdoor activities. Safir eco is so durable, it can last for generations.

Safir 7 eco includes:

  • Double ventilator cap fitted with net
  • Three air intakes with net
  • Door with net
  • Mosquito-net ceiling
  • Central pole
  • Storm cords
  • Storm cord holders
  • Integrated accessory sleeve for Porch or Canopy
  • Measuring tape
  • Two inside pockets
  • Compression bag
  • Steel main tent stakes
  • Lightweight tent pegs

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  • Here you can see all of our outstanding features and patents that defines a perfect Nordic tipi.



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    Safir 7 eco
    Quality grade
    Weight (kg)
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    Weight per person incl. inner tent (kg)
    Diameter floor area (m)
    Diameter mounting area (m)
    Height (m)
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    Pack width (cm)
    Socialising sitting down, spaciously
    Socialising sitting down, closely
    Hiking tent style, sleeping
    Comfortable living, sleeping
    Article number
    TTFabrics 0011 90263 EnvironmexPro


    Environmex Pro


    Approximately 285 g/m²

    Unique and sustainable fabric with a blend of hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester. The results of testing in harsh conditions demonstrate exclusive features; robust strength, highly UV resistant, excellent stability and high water-repellent properties. The combination of these features produces a well-ventilated and premium “indoor” climate.

    The Safir family

    We are continually investigating advanced materials and methods of manufacture all over the world. Quality – not price – is our driving force and we always choose materials on the basis of performance. That is why we can say that Safir is one of the very, very best tents available on the market.
    Three large air intakes, each with a fitted mosquito net, are a standard feature. The door has a mosquito net and is fitted with extra toggles should there be an emergency. Our patented In-Tent Vent™ system allows you to adjust the ventilator cap, and thereby the temperature inside the tent, without even leaving your sleeping bag. The reinforced edging and other features are there to provide the best possible strength in those situations when tents often break. This increases the lifespan of your investment.
    While relatively light in relation to size, durability is more important than lowest possible weight. Safir is lavishly designed with an abundance of user-friendly features and advanced performance. Standard equipped for extreme expeditions. This is for hard-core users and for people who need to be sure their tent will cope with almost all weather conditions and situations. Safir is for people who want the very best.

    Safir 7 eco with stove and drying rail

    For the down to earth family and friends
    Illustration Safir 7 eco
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