The company

We started our business in the village of Moskosel, Swedish Lapland in 1989. We’re the original Nordic tipi brand, crafting high-end tents for campers, events, hospitality businesses, glamping experiences and adventurers all over the world.

Our mission is to create space for good times

Whether you’re in the arctics or in your backyard, having a wedding or a business get-together, we strive to give you the best framework for your experience.

We don’t like buying things

And we believe many of our customers feel the same. That’s why we make long-lasting products that can be used year after year. We rent out tents, we repair and we have always made our products in a way that customers can fix most things themselves with what they can find at home (or in the forest) and a little guidance.

More about sustainability

The best we can do for the planet is to make long-lasting products.
More about sustainability

Where we are

Moskosel, Swedish Lapland

In the same village in northern Sweden where founder Bengt Grahn sew the first Nordic tipi decades ago, we have our first production plant. Surrounded by the wilderness of northern Sweden, we have been making large event tents in this factory by hand since 1991.

Sunne, central Sweden

Our head office is in the small town Sunne, central Sweden. Here we craft Event tents by hand, and develop new products. Customer service, marketing department, warehouse, repair centre and our inhouse tent rental is also found here. All surrounded by the many lakes and vast forests of inland Sweden.

Qingdao, eastern China

Our largest production facility is in the coastal city Qingdao. Here in our fully owned factory, we produce both small tents for camping and large event tents. We also have a sales unit serving the Chinese market.